The BlueHost Data Center

Beautifully designed websites are often very resource dependent, so it’s a good idea to have a quality web server housed in a top of the line data center.  For this, we typically recommend BlueHost.

Bluehost has complete isolation between hot and cold aisles, coupled with exhaust fans, supply fans, heat exchanges, chiller pumps etc. Bluehost makes sure that the data center is cool and your customers are satisfied. Not all this comes cheap; Bluehost has been spending $8.5 million for the latest data center while keeping the customer charges the same. Bluehost absorbs all the cost. There is so much capacity in this data center that only Bluehost consumes only 25% of the capacity. As you can image, there is a lot of scope for managing big websites with multi-terabyte databases. To use all the hardware effectively, Bluehost has an army of OS experts that tune the OS to the lowest level so that you customers get to do his transactions as fast as humanly possible. With Bluehost, you cannot go wrong, you just need to jump over to Cheap Host Reviews to get a discount on their service.